We understand that you may have many questions about a future career with Flight Centre and so we've decided to take your questions to our recruiters. We hope you find the answer to your question below however, if you have another question, please let us know.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any applications via email. To submit an application, choose a position you'd like to apply for from our list of vacancies and complete the relevant application form.

What do you look for when interviewing candidates?

We’re looking for people who have natural sales skills combined with a love of travel, simply because our travel consultants talk about travel each and every day. We also tend to look for people who have worked towards targets in a previous role and understand the importance of building relationships with their customers. Finally, we love it when we find a candidate who has researched our company and has an understanding of our culture, benefits and progression opportunities because we’re looking for people who want to build their career with us.

What happens during the face-to-face interview?

The face-to-face interview is a chance for us to learn a little more about the candidate and also explain the role in detail. We also use this time as an opportunity to assess their geographic knowledge with a written travel quiz. For example, questions could include: Where would you find Machu Picchu?

We also have a short online test to check their ability to grasp new systems. Finally, we check basic numerical skills with a short written maths exam (don’t worry, we do provide calculators).

For example, one question is:

An airfare from London to Sydney is £2000. A child’s airfare is 75% of the adult’s ticket price. An infant’s airfare is 10% of an adult’s ticket price.  A family of 2 adults, 1 child and 1 infant are travelling from London. What is the total price for the family to travel to Sydney?


Can I choose which store or business I join?

We match candidates with teams based on their skill set. For example, if someone has already worked in the travel industry, they may be able to progress into one of our business travel brands straight away. Alternatively, if they’ve got extensive long-haul travel knowledge, they may be best suited in our Round The World Experts brand. We will also take commutes into account. We want people to be happy in their new team and so we’ll choose a store that cuts down the morning and evening travel time as much as possible.