Fast Track

Our Future is Your Future

With aspirational passionate travel enthusiasts in mind, we’ve created a fantastic Fast Track Leadership Programme. Our programme is specifically designed to help nurture individuals into a senior leadership role. We aim to find these people early in the careers and provide them with the experiences, opportunities and skills needed to accelerate their pathway through our company. As such, each fast-tracker is individually mentored by a member of our current UK senior management team, who will personally help them develop the travel career of their choice.

If you fancy getting experience of all areas of the business or even becoming the next MD, we’ll tailor-make the programme for you!

Why become a leader with Flight Centre?


With growth comes opportunity. Flight Centre as a company grew from its roots as a double-decker bus from Yorkshire in 1972 to its size today with over 30 brands and 14 countries, 18,000 employees and growing continually…

Love of Travel
What unites us is the very thing the company was founded from: the love of travel. It resonates throughout everything we do. We convey our passion for travel to our customers and this promotes us into travel experts.

Global Scope

As one of the largest travel companies in the world, and with its continual growth and expansion into new countries, our global scope extends the reach of potential into a whole realm of possibilities. We’re already in 14 countries and talks are in place for another two at least in a couple of years.

Unique culture

We have a unique culture of reward and recognition. The efforts that we put into delivering an exceptional experience to our customers are rewarded ten-fold. There are industry-renowned ‘Buzz Nights’ and annual black-tie Summer Ball, as well as the massively acclaimed 3-day Global Gathering, which takes place in a different country from year to year.


A strong belief of ours is egalitarianism. We treat everyone with the same privileges regardless of their position. We have open plan offices with leaders sitting amongst their teams.


This is one of our core philosophies. When you begin your leadership role, you become responsible for growing turnover and profitability as well as enhancing customer retention and developing your team.

Events & Conferences

Our leaders travel to different events and conferences globally. You could be listening to a seminar in Singapore one week and having a meeting in Mexico another.

This provides another great opportunity to travel!

Best of Both Worlds

“At Flight Centre you get the best of both worlds. You’re joining a multibillion dollar business with immense opportunities, while also experiencing a company culture that is challenging, fun and fuelled by the raw passion for travel.” – Chris Galanty, Managing Director

Flight Centre staff can apply for Fast Track once they join. To start your career with us, apply for one of our roles today.