Career Progression

Every member of our senior management team began their career as a travel consultant and our Managing Director began his career in a Flight Centre store in Putney. We place the utmost importance on developing our future leaders by providing everyone with a clear pathway for progression, ongoing training and support. Promotion from within is always our first choice and leadership opportunities will always be available for those who want them. 

Our Structure

Our company structure is simple, lean and transparent. Everyone belongs to a team of 3 – 7 members and within each team there is a Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader. All Team Leaders report into an Area Leader, who is responsible for 10 – 20 teams. The Area Leader will then report into a Brand Leader, who leads between 4 – 10 areas and are primarily responsible for the strategy of their brand. Finally, the Brand Leaders report into Division Leaders, who report into the Managing Director.  This model ensures our leaders are easily accessible to every member of our team, while providing everyone with a clear pathway for career progression. 

Our Leadership Pathway

We have created a six stage Leadership Pathway that is available to all employees to support their progression and development. Our Pathway caters for people who are within their first 12 months through to those who are moving into senior roles. Alongside the Leadership Pathway, we run a Fast Track programme, which is designed to identify and develop candidates who show incredible potential early on in their career. Below you’ll find details of each stage or you can download our Fast Track Guide 2016 here.

Leadership Development Programme

This course targets people who are predominantly in their first 12 months with the company who have leadership aspirations and have shown signs of leadership capabilities. The programme is run by an Area Leader and consists of 6-8 half day modules held once a month which cover the following:

  • Induction to leadership
  • Coaching
  • Business analysis
  • Managing change
  • Being the boss
  • Growing your business
  • People development and retention
  • Sales techniques for leaders

Assistant Team Leader Training

This three day course is run by our in-house Learning Centre and is designed for people who have just become or are about to become an Assistant Team Leader (ATL).  A project is set at the end of the course and participants have three months to complete, after which they present their findings either to their Area Leader (AL) or to fellow ATL’s at focus days. Whilst there are many sub-modules the three main topics are:

  • The role of the ATL
  • Understanding your business
  • Effective communication

Team Leader Training

This course is for people who are poised to become or have recently become a Team Leader (TL). This is a three day course run by our in-house Learning Centre. A project is set at the end of the course and participants have 3 months to complete this before presenting their results to the senior management team or to fellow ATL’s/TL’s at focus days. Whilst there are many sub-modules the three main topics are:

  • The role of the TL
  • Business planning and budgeting
  • Coaching, development and succession planning

Experienced TL Training

This course is available to Team Leaders who have been in their roles for two years. It is a three day (consecutive) course run by the Learning Centre and focuses on behavioural understanding and applying the learning to maximise team performance. The aim is to transform good leaders into great leaders. The key focuses are on:

  • Behavioural observation techniques
  • Persuasion and negotiation
  • Understanding psychometrics
  • Building peak performance teams based on understanding behaviours

Senior Leader Development Programme

This course targets experienced leaders who have the potential to reach senior management roles, with a particular focus on the role of the Area Leader (AL) or equivalent. Like the Leadership Development Pathway, these courses are modular with 6/7 full day sessions, each with a project at the end that must be delivered prior to the next session. Applications to the programme are sent to the Brand Leader (BL) who will select the participants and subsequently run the modules. The core modules are as follows:

  • The role of the AL
  • People strategies
  • Coaching and facilitating
  • Business acumen
  • The shop visit
  • Communication and fierce conversations
  • Public speaking

Area Leader Training

For newly appointed Area Leaders in the UK and is run as a collective with newly appointed Area Leaders from the USA, Canada and South Africa. The course is a week in duration and could be held in any of these countries. The main topics covered are:

  • The role of the AL and working with the experts
  • Vehicles of inspiration
  • People development
  • The customer

Fast Track Programme

This scheme is designed for candidates who show incredible potential very early on in their careers. Instead of following the traditional Leadership pathway, this Fast Track seeks to identify and swiftly develop high potential leaders. This is achieved by assignment of each candidate to a mentor from the senior management team who effectively career manages and mentors these individuals to broaden their experience of the business, while also giving them access to our established leadership courses. To find out more about Fast Track, you can download our Fast Track Guide.